Eco friendly ink is the way to go!

As the effects of climate change worsen every year, it is important to help our planet by using recycled or refilled cartridges.

Statistics show that there are approximately 1 million ink cartridges that are thrown away every day – and that is a large number.

We want to help reduce our carbon footprint and prioritize eco friendly printing methods.

We use recycled cartridges to ensure that they are being used at their maximum. Cartridges are produced with different plastics, which take about 2.5 ounces of oil to manufacture. By buying a refilled cartridge, you help reduce landfill waste by a significant amount!

Benefits of recycling cartridges:
– Reduce landfill waste
– Reduce pollution
– Cost efficient
– Less plastic waste
– Helping the environment

Visit our website today and shop now! http://ecoinko.com/

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